Technology Consulting

Staying current on the latest technologies can be difficult to do while running your own business. When your hardware and software reaches it's lifecycle, or your looking to make a change, we are here to provide you with the information and recommendations you need to make a sound, informed, and cost effective decision to better your business.

New Businesses

We understand what it's like to start up a new business. When it's time to start thinking about your tech we will be there to make it a worry-free process. Even existing businesses need to keep their tech up to date, we're here for you too! We will find you the best deals, install, and set up your equipment. We can help you get started online and even assist with technical hiring.

Software Development

Software isn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution and the packages available don’t always have the options you desire or they do more than you need. When there’s not the solution you’re looking for on the market, we’re happy to jump in, listen to your requirements, and build you something that meets your needs; even working around budget constraints by using open source materials when needed.

Cyber Security

Threats to your company's security are on the rise. We can help secure your sensitive customer and business data. Whether you need help on your website, in the office, or on servers we can secure them all. We also offer training o help you with basic steps and best practices. We will also help you develop policies and procedures to ensure lasting effects.

Process Automation

Are there any tedious tasks you repeat the exact same way on a regular basis? Odds are that we can automate it. This can reduce the cost in both time and money. We can automate things from automatic backups, data gathering, automatic reports, to complete service integrations; we will tackle any problem. We're serious about saving you money, we can also help you get set up with automation companies like Zapier.

Education & Training

Need training for yourself or your staff on the hardware or software you have? We can set up and run training classes that work around you and your staffs needs. We can also help you set up Constant Contact or Mail Chimp based email marketing, show you where to get great free photos, and train your team so you can keep the movement and momentum for your company going.